A remote overwatch and a common operating picture across agencies helps keep major events safe and secure.

Proven at the Super Bowl, PGA Tournament, X-Games and more.

Major events and large venues like stadiums are a major security challenge.

fūsus helps keep these locations and events safe by creating a common operating picture in fūsusONE that enables video overwatch, as well as geolocating Police, Fire, EMS and other public safety personnel via the fūsusOPS mobile app.

Unified Video Overwatch.

Major events and large venues require your security officers to cover a lot of ground. Create a unified video feed that pulls video from multiple different sources, accessible via fususONE.

Share the feed with Police and other public safety officials as needed for an additional layer of security. Police departments can also use this functionality to monitor parades, marches, demonstrations, and other large outdoor events leveraging public and transit cameras.

A Common Operating Picture.

fūsusOPS gives you the ability to geolocate and track all your people on a map right in fususONE. Know where your people are and coordinate their movements. Synchronize event coverage across multiple agencies, increasing efficiency and reducing stress.

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Efficient Field Communications.

Leverage the fūsusOPS app to share mobile video streams, pictures, and other information directly from the field back to the command post. Officers and volunteers in the field can easily send back video and audio of situations they encounter, and request backup if necessary.

Create Safe-Zones.

By fusing public cameras like street and transit cams with private venue or store cameras, fūsus can go beyond the inside of a stadium or arena to help create safe zones around the venue itself.

Police departments can monitor crowds entering and exiting the venue, parking facilities, and retail and restaurants nearby to ensure a safe time is had by all.

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