Work with law enforcement to create safer workplaces and investigate criminal activity at your location.

Smash silos for a safer community.

fūsus enables greater workplace safety. Whether it’s retail stores, office buildings, shopping malls, gas stations, or parking facilities, our video networking capabilities increase the safety of staff and customers alike.

Our platform improves law enforcement’s ability to investigate crime when it does happen, as well as rapidly respond in case of emergencies.

Police Outside 7-11

Create a Deterrent.

Security cameras are a crime deterrent- sharing your camera feeds with law enforcement create a force multiplier, amplifying the power of your security investment.

Knowing where your cameras are located via fūsusREGISTRY, or having the ability to access your cameras on alert via a fususCORE reduces investigative time and increases your safety.

Leverage Panic Buttons.

Most active shooters target their places of work. Gas stations and retail locations are also primed targets for armed robberies. In these situation, seconds count. fūsus virtual and physical panic buttons allow your personnel to quickly and quietly trigger an alert to law enforcement.

It enables responding officers and 911 centers to look inside your locations to gain a rapid awareness of the situation inside, reducing their response time and helping keep your staff safe.

school active shooter response
fususCORE security camera networking

Inexpensive & Efficient.

fūsus is inexpensive and easy to set up. Our fūsusCORE™ device simply plugs into your network, and within seconds it discovers and connects to all your cameras. Our software easily networks multiple buildings to create a unified overview of all your locations.

Sharing on Demand.

Want more safety but don’t want to sacrifice your privacy? fūsus is the anti-big-brother, allowing you to only share your camera feeds on alert. Our policy-based system keeps your cameras private, yet allows you to share them directly with law enforcement, at your discretion, when an emergency situation arises.

Warehouse security camera
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