Keep your congregation safe, and let them worship in peace.

Better security for your sanctuaries.

Houses of worship are a sanctuary where people go to feel safe. Unfortunately, they can also be soft targets for extremists and other troubled individuals.

fūsus enables churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and other places of worship to increase their security, and easily call for help in case of an incident.

active shooter at synagogue

Prepare For Active Shooters.

There have been terrible instances where shooters have targeted people in their place of worship. If the unthinkable were to occur, fūsus virtual and physical panic buttons allow your staff to quickly trigger an alert to law enforcement.

It enables responding officers and 911 operators to look inside your building and gain a rapid awareness of the situation inside.

Sharing on Demand.

If you’re concerned about privacy at your place of worship, fūsus is the answer. We allow you to share your camera feeds all the time, or only share on alert- it keeps you in control.

Our policy-based system keeps your cameras private, yet allows you to share them directly with law enforcement, fire and EMS workers at your discretion, when an emergency situation arises.

video networking panic buttons
fusus security camera networking

Create Community Safe-Zones.

By fusing public cameras like street and transit cams with private security cameras, fūsus enables communities to collaborate to create safe zones that are secured and monitored.

Police departments have the ability to keep an eye on parking facilities, external building cameras, and surrounding streets to keep your community members safe.

Easy Set-Up.

The fūsus platform is easy to set up and inexpensive to maintain. Just drop in a fūsusCORE™ device and within seconds it detects, analyzes and connects to every camera on the building's network. Our platform easily networks multiple buildings creating a virtual security net over communities of any size.

fususCORE video networking
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