Collaborate with your community to create a safer environment for your students, teachers & staff.

Enables everyday safety.
Major crisis ready.

fūsus creates a safer learning environment for students of all ages- from K-12 schools all the way up to colleges and major universities.

Whether it’s a fight, a fire, or an active shooter situation, our live video streaming capabilities and panic buttons enables a fast, efficient, and appropriate emergency response to the situation.

school active shooter emergency response

Ensures an Appropriate Response.

By giving police officers responding to 911 or emergency calls from the school a view of the situation, fūsus ensures an appropriate level of response. Without situational awareness, police forces may over or under-react to situations. We take guesswork out of the picture.

Police officers and first-responders can look inside the school and then make informed decisions about how many personnel to send, how they can de-escalate the situation, and if any level of force will be necessary.

An Insurance Policy Against Active-Shooters.

Prepare for the worst. In an active shooter situation, seconds count. fūsus virtual and physical panic buttons allow your staff to quickly trigger an alert to law enforcement.

It enables responding officers and 911 centers to look inside your buildings and classrooms and gain a rapid awareness of the situation inside.

school active shooter response
fususCORE security camera networking

Inexpensive & Efficient.

fūsus is cheap and easy to set up and maintain. Just drop in a fūsusCORE™ device and within seconds it detects, analyzes and connects to every camera on the building's network. Our platform easily networks multiple buildings and campuses to create a secure, stable security overwatch for educational institutions of any size.

Creates a Force Multiplier.

fūsus helps you keep your students, faculty and staff safe both inside and outside your school or college buildings. We enable communities to collaborate and share their camera feeds with local law enforcement, combining private and public security camera feeds to create safer, monitored corridors and public areas for students to arrive and depart school premises.

High School Students in Hallway
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