fūsusREGISTRY™ saves time and enables investigations by creating a map of all the public and private security cameras in a location.

When an incident occurs, investigators can use the fūsusREGISTRY™ to easily locate and reach out to all the camera owners in the vicinity to request video footage.

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fususREGISTRY Security Camera Location Map

inexpensive & quick setup.
easy to use registration portal.

fususREGISTRY Example

Faster Investigations

fūsusREGISTRY™ enables faster investigations by reducing time spent on foot trying to locate cameras in the vicinity of an incident, and multiple trips to retrieve footage.

Accessible within fūsusONE™

The fūsusREGISTRY™ map is easily accessible within fūsusONE™.

Online Portal

Registering cameras within the community is easily done via an online portal created for each city by fūsus.

Mass Footage-Request Emails

Mass footage-request emails to camera owners in the vicinity of an incident creates a more efficient workflow for investigators.

Partner with Police

fūsusREGISTRY™ enables the community to partner with their police department to help fight crime.

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