fususONE Federated Video

fūsusONE™ combines private and public video streams into a single feed, enabling greater situational awareness and a common operating picture.

Layered in are IoT applications and remote overwatch capabilities, including the live positions of all first responders like Police, Fire, EMS & Public Works.

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the next generation of 911.

fusus unified video for first responders

Unified Single Platform

fūsusONE™ streamlines emergency & incident management, by fusing all a community's video assets into a single platform. It provide first-responders and command centers with the tools to efficiently monitor and rapidly respond to evolving situations.

Virtual & Physical Alert Buttons

Virtual and physical alert buttons create a more efficient 911 process, by creating emergency alerts and policy-based access to real-time video. This means camera owners decide when and with whom their feeds are shared.

Connects to fūsusOPS™

fūsusONE™ connects to, and is accessible from the fūsusOPS™ app, which enables greater remote command and control of all first-responders and their live locations. Police, Fire, EMS and Public Works are all available within one map, creating a common operating picture.

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