fususCORE security camera networking device

Just drop the fūsusCORE™ appliance onto any public or private video network and like magic, you have access to live streaming video feeds!

The CORE appliance is compatible with a wide range of IP security cameras and is controlled and configured using the fūsusONE™ dashboard.

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inexpensive to buy.
easy to set up.

fususCORE video audi and metadata streaming on demand


The fūsusCORE™ is pre-configured for your needs, and can be set-up by your team or remotely by our technical support team.

Rapid Set-Up

Once connected, within seconds fūsusCORE™ detects, analyzes and connects to every camera on the building's network and builds a separate unified feed to your web-based fūsusONE™ account.

Policy Based Sharing

Policy-based sharing means the camera owner decides when they want to share live stream-continuously, on emergency, or at any other time they designate.

Flexible & Configurable

fūsusCORE™ appliances can have multiple NICs, providing flexible connectivity to meet a wide variety of network scenarios including single networks, separate surveillance and data networks, multiple surveillance networks on a single NIC,and multiple networks (routed) on dual NICs.

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