fususOPS streaming mobile video for first-responders

The fūsusOPS™ app enables first-responders in the field to access the fūsusONE™platform to view video feeds, transmit their location, send panic alerts, send and receive image and text alerts, and communicate directly with the command center.

fūsusOPS™ app is available via iOS or Android compatible devices.

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enhance situational awareness.
effectively manage resources.

Common Operating Picture

The fūsusOPS™ app enables remote overwatch for command and control of all first -responders. Real-time geolocations of Police, Fire, EMS and Public Works are all available within one map,creating a common operating picture.

Unified View

Keeps first-responders safer and reduces response times by giving them a unified view of all cameras, including internal building cameras, accessible from their mobile devices.

Easy Communications

Enables easy communication with command and control, including photo and streaming video from field-user’s mobile devices.

Mass Mobilization Ready

A game-changer for major event coordination, mass-casualty situations, and other mass-personnel mobilizations.

Stable & Reliable

Reliable and without concerns about network congestion- hosted on AT&T FirstNet.

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