A Unified Video Security Platform.

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fusus streamlines emergency & incident management, by fusing all of a community's video assets into a single platform, called fususONE.  We provide first responders with the tools to efficiently monitor and rapidly respond to evolving situations. 

Fusus CORE

It begins with fususCORE.

Our fususCORE device is dropped onto any network in any building, anywhere in the City. Within seconds fususCORE detects, analyzes and connects to every camera on the building's network and builds a separate unified feed to your web-based fususONE account.

Policy Based Sharing.

Policy-based sharing ensures video feeds adhere to the privacy considerations of its owners. Camera owners can choose to constantly stream live video, only stream on demand, or simply register their cameras on the system. For example, public cameras may stream 24/7, while schools or businesses may limit video sharing to emergencies, like an active shooter event.

Policy based camera sharing


All private and public video is fused into a single feed, enabling greater situational awareness. Layered in are IoT applications and remote overwatch capabilities, including the live positions of all first responders like Police, Fire, EMS & Public Works.

Advanced 911.

Virtual and physical panic buttons streamline 911 emergency response by rapidly transmitting alerts and locations, while simultaneously activating live video streams to fususONE in the incident area.

Mobile Ready.

Field based users of the fususONE system can use the system via an iOS or Android compatible app called fususOPS to view all video feeds, transmit their location, send panic alerts, receive image and text alerts, and communicate directly with the fususONE.

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