Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name “Fusus” come from?

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What installation and support options does Fusus offer?

Fusus offers both onsite and over-the-air (OTA) support for the fususONE appliancesvinstalled on customer networks.

Is fususONE reliable?

Yes, fususONE is hosted within AWS GovCloud which is extremely reliable and scalable, with data and access automatically replicated throughout the regions.

How secure is the Fusus platform?

The Fusus platform is a highly secure CJIS compliant solution, hosted in Amazon WebServices (AWS) GovCloud.  AWS GovCloud(US) are isolated AWS Regions designed to allow U.S. government agencies and customers to move sensitive workloads into the cloud by addressing their specific regulatory and compliance requirements, including Federal Risk and Management Program (FedRAMP) High Department of Defense Security Requirements Guide (DoD SRG) Impact Level 5, and Criminal Justice Services (CJIS). The AWSGovCloud (US) adheres to U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)requirements.

What are the technical requirements for my computer to run fususONE?

The fususONEapplication is web based and operates on standard desktop computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets.

I have a security desk that already monitors cameras — will Fusus still work?

Yes — the fususCORE devices create a separate secure tunnel to the fususONE CJIS compliant cloud. Your existing camera setup at your location will continue to operate as before, with the fususONE platform running in parallel.

Does fususONE replace my existing VMS?

No — Fusus products work in tandem with your VMS, enhancing it and combining it with multiple different sources to deliver a common operating picture.

What devices support fususOPS?

The fususOPS app is available for use on most iOS and Android phones.

What's included in the fususOPS app?

The fususOPS app is designed for first responders such as police, fire, EMS and public safety officials. The fususOPS app gives users access to live video streams from fususONE in the field, and allows for secure communications. The app also gives the command center GPS locations of all field users on the fususONE map,creating a real-time common operating picture of where all the field units are located. Field users can also live stream video footage directly from their mobile devices back to the command center.

How does fususREGISTRY work?

fususREGISTRY is a way for police departments to easily locate the nearest cameras in the vicinity, during the course of an investigation. In the past, when criminal activity occurred, investigators had to search on foot to identify private cameras in an area, and then make multiple trips to retrieve recorded footage from the cameras' owners, such as stores, gas stations, etc. fususREGISTRY enables camera owners to register their camera's locations quickly and easily online, creating a map of camera locations for the police. Only authorized fususONE users have access to the entire camera registry map.

Registering a camera does not require any hardware or subscription- the camera is simply mapped- it does not create any live streaming capabilities.However, in the case of criminal activity, fususREGISTRY makes it very easy for the police to send a digital footage request to a camera owner, and for the owner to fulfill that request without an actual police visits necessary.

If I have Fusus installed, can the police department remotely access my cameras at any time?

No — our policy-based conditional access means that, based the owner's policy and the fususCore configuration, the camera owner will have the final say as to whether their cameras' streams are accessible to the police or not.

How does the panic button functionality work?

Fusus equips locations, upon request, with either physical panic buttons and/or virtual panic buttons in the form of a smart phone app. The system administrator pre-determines who has access to the system and under what conditions. In the course of normal operations, the location's cameras function in standard non-streaming mode, with no external access. In the event of an emergency, such as a fire breaking out or an active shooter situation, the panic buttons can be used to send an immediate alert to first responders, as well as activating the live stream of the cameras. The live streams are secure, and only accessible by users with valid login credentials to the fususONE interface.

How does conditional camera access work through policy-based sharing?

Conditional camera access means the camera network's owners have the ability to choose how and when their cameras are accessible to fususONE. For example, the local police department may choose to have access to street, public building and transit cameras streaming live 24/7 based on the department's policy. However,private businesses and schools may choose to only have their cameras accessible to the police department when an emergency situation arises, and they activate the live streaming capability via a panic button. Other locations such as private residents and neighborhoods may choose to never establish a live stream from their cameras, and only register them via fususREGISTRY, providing valuable intelligence to local law enforcement agencies for forensic purposes.

Do Fusus products offer real-time video streaming?

Yes, we offer access to both real-time as well as video recordings depending on your conditional access settings through our policy-based sharing engine.

Why is Fusus less expensive than other camera networking products?

We cost less, because we require hardly any hardware, installation, or setup costs up front.The fususCORE devices are relatively inexpensive, and so easy to install that you can do it yourself. Our platform is accessible via any connected device,including our iOS and Android apps. We offer affordable subscription fees for use of the platform that scale with the size of your camera network and team of users, keeping your costs commensurate to the size of your organization or region.

How is Fusus different from other camera networking companies?

Unlike other companies, Fusus is able to combine both public and private video with the simple installation of an appliance. It does not require massive hardware or software expenditures on a proprietary video management system. Our system does not require exorbitant integration fees, software licenses, servers, or proprietary APIs. Instead of a months- or even years-long hardware and software build, we simply install the fususCORE appliance(s) that leverage your existing hardware, help you configure the system to your needs, and give you access to your combined feed via your cloud-based fususONE platform.

Are there any limits to the number of cameras I can connect?

No — the Fusus platform has no limits to the number of cameras that can be connected to it. Pricing is per camera and per fususCORE appliance. The system is configurable to the user's needs, and is affordable to any size of business,organization or agency. We are not limited to connectivity from a single location, and can combine feeds from multiple business or college campuses for instance, into a single view.

Is fususONE compatible with my existing hardware and cameras?

fususONE and the fususCORE are compatible with virtually all security camera hardware in use today. Implementing the Fusus platform is an easy and inexpensive way to rapidly upgrade and network aging and fragmented camera systems.

How does the fususCORE work?

The fususCORE device is hooked into the network, to create a separate unified feed to your fususONE account. It's easy to set up and configure. You typically only need one fususCORE device for each physical location, as long as the various cameras at that location are on a common network.

What do I need to connect my cameras to fususONE?

All you need to connect your cameras to fususONE, is a fususCORE connected to each of your location's physical camera networks. The fususCORE is a small digital box that easily connects to the network, enabling access for fususONE.

What is fususONE?

fususONE is a video platform that integrates streams from disparate camera networks, creating a unified view. It creates a combined view of all cameras that are connected to it, whether they are public or private, and can be accessed from both multi-screen command and control centers, as well as via a mobile app in the field. In addition to video and audio, fususONE can also pinpoint field users on a map, and provide secure communications and metadata.

Can I cancel my fususREGISTRY listing?

Yes, you can cancel your registration any time. However, doing so deprives local law enforcement the opportunity to contact you if a crime has occurred in your area.

What does registering my camera cost?

Absolutely nothing. fususREGISTRY is free for community members to participate in.

Is the program voluntary?

Absolutely. Your participation is entirely voluntary. Even after signing up, you are not obligated to provide video footage.

Is my information secure?

Absolutely. We encrypt all data both in storage and during transmission to levels approved by the Federal government and the law enforcement community.

Who owns the video footage?

Any and all video surveillance footage shall remain the property of the registrant until it is requested by your local Police Department and collected from the registrant by your local Police Department.

If I submit footage to my local police department, how will it be used?

Any footage containing or related to criminal activity collected by the Police Department may be used as evidence during any stage of a criminal proceeding.