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The Top 5 Reasons fūsus is the Best Video Networking Solution for Law Enforcement Agencies

Sahil Merchant
October 18, 2019

When we’re meeting with officers and officials from police departments and public safety organizations, we inevitably come to the question- “Why should we use your video surveillance platform over some of the other options out there?”

It’s a great question that gets to the heart of why we built our technology in the first place- what makes fūsus different from other video security products on the market?

To break it down succinctly, here are the top 5 reasons why fūsus is probably the best fit for your police department or public safety agency’s needs:

1. fūsus is a truly collaborative public-private video security network.

One of the major issues with law enforcement technology, is that a lot of it lives in silos. fūsus breaks down those silos and defragments the department (and public’s) video security network. It’s an open platform that plugs right into a strategic information center, a 911 center, a squad car or a mobile device. And most importantly, it unifies security camera feeds from city cameras, transit cameras, and privately owned cameras like those at a 7-Eleven, a school, a church or an office building and enables access via fūsusONE.

But the collaborative model fūsus has built goes beyond simply the unifying of video feeds- our Policy Based sharing model allows the camera owners to arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement with their police department as to the nature and level of access to their cameras- whether it's simply registering their cameras, only sharing on alert, or sharing all the time. This Policy Based sharing model enables police departments to build closer ties to the communities they serve. Community based policing is the future of law enforcement, and enabling residents to play a role in crime reduction initiatives creates a safer environment for everyone.

2. fūsus delivers the technology necessary to support the next generation of 911.

The Fusus Open Video Security Platform

Unlike a lot of other closed-loop video networking solutions, fūsus is an open platform that can be integrated into the technology stack that will enable the next generation of 911 centers. fūsus doesn’t involve a massive cost outlay in order to upgrade and integrate with the latest 911 center technology, including CAD integration, ShotSpotter integration, community video feeds, metadata, first-responder geolocation, etc.

Best of all, as a cloud-based platform, it’ll always be up-to-date with the latest technology, and software updates can be pushed on a regular basis to the fususONE dashboard, as well as fususCORE devices. It’s a scalable platform that can grow and scale with a police department or city, bringing on more and more data feeds and residents at a reasonable cost-per-user basis.

3. fūsus creates a common operating picture and enables better situational awareness for first-responders.

Beyond breaking down technological silos, fūsus also enhances inter-agency collaboration. Police, Fire, EMS and Public Works personnel are given they tools they need to work together and have a better awareness of unfolding situations.

fūsusOPS is an extremely handy smartphone app that allows first-responders to easily communicate and send back recorded video and images to a command post. It also geolocates field users on a map, allowing command staff to appropriately allocate resources and marshal their efforts. This is invaluable during large scale events and operations involving multiple public safety agencies.

The fūsus platform is especially valuable in emergency situations, like an active shooter event at a school. The ability to activate a physical or virtual panic button, stream internal cameras to an arriving SWAT team, and locate police and EMS personnel on the scene saves time and ultimately lives.

The fūsus platform also allows different police departments or districts to share video feeds and information with each other, broadening their safety network.

4. The fūsus platform is inexpensive and easy to install.

Community Video Camera

Gone are the days of a laundry-list of hardware, switches, routers and new cameras needed to get a state-of-the-art video security system up and running. Expensive installation fees, 3rd party contractors and consultants, and large-scale custom installation projects all add significant time and cost to upgrading a camera system.

In contrast, the fūsus platform is a cloud-based solution that is fast and easy to set-up and scale. The fūsusREGISTRY online portal is an easy first step towards locating all the security cameras in a region. Adding fūsusCORE devices is equally easy- they are quick to preconfigure, and once they are plugged into a network, they automatically locate all the cameras on the network and build a separate secure live feed back to the police department.

Most importantly, fūsus enables you to get more out of your existing camera and DVR/NVR infrastructure investments, rather than replacing it.

5. fūsus is a proven technology that replicates success from city to city

The fūsus platform and program are configurable to meet the individual needs of any city or police department, but each installation is based on a successful model that can be replicated. Each police department doesn’t have to start from the ground-up with fūsus- they can see how easy the installation has been in a different city, how the system is being successfully utilized, and then replicate that model of success.

fūsus has also been proven to work in American cities and towns of varying sizes, as well as at major events like the Super Bowl, the X-Games, and the PGA Tour, so our buyers know that the technology they are buying is field-tested, proven, and secure.

To get a sense of how our clients feel about our products, just take a look at this brief video.

If you’re interested in learning more about fūsus, seeing a platform demo, or evaluating if we’re the right fit for your Police Department or city, please contact us using our webform, call us at +1 (844) 226 9226 or email us at

About fūsus

Fusus breaks down silos, merging public and private video resources into a single, efficient and unified stream of information. Its lightweight SaaS platform is easy and fast to set up, leveraging virtual networking technology that has never been deployed before. The Fusus system requires little to no hardware investment, and can speak to existing video assets, making a sophisticated video platform affordable to any city or organization.

Fusus lives at the intersection of public and private video and IoT, building bridges within communities, and making Smart Cities Smarter.

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