An increasing emphasis is being placed on the creation of smart sites, whether they be buildings, campus-type solutions or smart cities. In a number of such applications, one of the significant issues is the number of stakeholders who have invested in disparate solutions. Often, unless these can be pulled together in a seamless and cohesive way, the benefits of such an approach cannot be realised. A solution could exist in the shape of fususONE.

Smart cities and intelligent campus solutions depend on a unified approach for continuity and the delivery of benefits, but this isn’t always practicable, as many have legacy systems implemented before today’s technology was even considered as a future option.

To address this, Fusus has launched its unified video platform for smart cities and communities. Fusus is specifically designed to remove the problems associated with disparate camera systems by fusing all private and public video sources into a single platform known as FususONE.

Fusus can be added to any network in any building, or anywhere in a city. This is simply achieved by adding the FususCORE appliance to a network. Within seconds, FususCORE detects, analyses and connects to every camera on the building’s network and sends a unified video feed to a single web-based interface. It also manages other information such as metadata and geolocation data.

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