Books like “1984” and movies like “Eagle Eye,” might make you believe Big Brother’s eye in the sky is always watching. But believe it or not, video surveillance is not as advanced as we might think.

Atlanta-based Fusus, a software platform for public and private video surveillance that gives direct access to law enforcement on one common interface, is trying to drive the balance between safety and privacy in the digital age.

Chris Lindenau, CEO of Fusus, said despite the thousands of cameras we see on the street, in businesses, at the bank, even at work, those cameras are not typically accessible to law enforcement—unless, of course, police have probable cause to obtain a warrant for the video.

“The problem that we’re solving is the lack of information on the part of first responders in dealing with emergencies,” he said. “(For example, when there’s an active shooter at a school), the vast majority of school videos are not accessible to law enforcement.”

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