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Panic Buttons & Policy Based Video Sharing: Enabling Security While Maintaining Privacy

Sahil Merchant
July 15, 2019

When it comes to emergency situations, there’s no better way to prepare first responders and reduce response times than live video feeds from the scene of the unfolding incident. If police officers, fire crews and EMS personnel can get a direct and comprehensive view into the buildings they are about to enter, they’ll have a much better idea of how they can respond appropriately and minimize casualties.

But what about the rest of the time, when there isn’t an emergency situation unfolding? Despite the enhanced security advantages of having live video surveillance streaming out of an office building for example, the majority of private businesses and their employees don’t want to feel like they are constantly being monitored by the police strategic information center.

Luckily, it’s not an all-or-nothing situation anymore. To tackle the issue of security vs. privacy, Fusus has developed virtual and physical IoT “panic buttons” that can be used to quickly switch a private video security system’s settings from private, to being accessible by pre-determined external users like police, fire and EMS in the event of an emergency.

Here’s how it works. Any video security system, whether it’s at a school, an office building or a retail store, can be easily hooked up to our fususCORE- a small digital box that connects directly to the system. Fusus also equips the location with either physical panic buttons, virtual panic buttons in the form of a cell-phone app, or a combination of the two. The system administrator pre-determines who gets access to the system and under what conditions.

In the course of normal operations, the location’s cameras function as they normally would, with no external access. But if an emergency, like a fire breaking out or an active shooter situation occurs, then the panic buttons can be used to send an immediate alert to first responders, as well as activating the streaming of cameras to them. The live streams are secure, and only accessible by users with a login to the fususONE interface.

First responders can access the live camera streams via any connected device, including iOS and android devices with the fususOPS app installed, which in turn transmits the user’s location and metadata to their control center. The system effectively creates a secure common operating picture that allows first responders to make informed decisions fast- and speed counts when lives are at stake. They can see what’s behind the doors they are about to enter- where sources of danger lie, as well as the locations of at-risk employees or students.

The beauty of the fususCORE that makes this possible, is that it is an inexpensive, easy to install device that can bring an entire video system online in minutes. It doesn’t require expensive camera replacements or other hardware upgrades, instead utilizing the existing camera infrastructure and bringing it up-to-speed with current technological innovations in the field of security and connectivity. And since the Fusus platform is essential a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform and is subscription based, it’s easy to scale up, and is always up-to-date with the latest security and technology.

The Fusus panic button & policy based video sharing functionality is based on our core mission- to break down silos and create better public-private partnerships. We believe that everyday residents and first responders should be able to collaborate to create safer and smarter cities. The great benefit of conditional camera access is that the people who are protected by it do not have to sacrifice privacy for security. It creates not just efficiency, but also accountability for first responders, and allows the people they serve to collaborate with them more effectively when their lives and property are at stake.

About Fusus

Fusus breaks down silos, merging public and private video resources into a single, efficient and unified stream of information. Its lightweight SaaS platform is easy and fast to set up, leveraging virtual networking technology that has never been deployed before. The Fusus system requires little to no hardware investment, and can speak to existing video assets, making a sophisticated video platform affordable to any city or organization.

Fusus lives at the intersection of public and private video and IoT, building bridges within communities, and making Smart Cities Smarter.

For more information about Fusus, or to schedule a demo, please contact us.